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Hot Chocolate Design Films: Our must watch for this season

Lights, camera, action! Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Hot Chocolate Design Films, where we bring the magic of the silver screen to life through the perfect match of new and iconic movies, with our exquisite footwear collection.

For this summer break we have curated a selection of Chocolaticas® that beautifully complement the essence of beloved films that you must watch this season.


Barbie (2023)

In the enchanting world of Barbie, beauty takes center stage, and the Chocolaticas® Mid Heels Lolita Women's Mary Jane Pump are the perfect fit for her fabulous feet as she strolls through Barbie Land. These pumps exude elegance and grace, just like Barbie herself, making every step a delightful fashion statement.


Oppenheimer (2023)

Much like the strategic genius of Oppenheimer, the Chocolaticas® Check Mates Women's Mary Jane Platform is a symbol of tactical brilliance. With their bold checkered pattern and elevated platform, these shoes are a strategic move to elevate your style and leave a lasting impression.


The Faculty (1998)

You can picture yourself into the school corridors with the Chocolaticas® Teacher Women's Mary Jane Flat, a shoe that effortlessly blends comfort and style. Just like the students in The Faculty, these flats are ready to run and escape any otherworldly invasions while keeping your feet comfy throughout the day.


Maria Antonieta (2006)

Transport yourself to the decadent world of Maria Antonieta with the Chocolaticas® Marie Antoinette 2 Women's Mary Jane Flat. These shoes are as sweet and charming as the delectable pastries favored by the queen herself, making you feel like royalty with every step.


Donnie Darko (2001)

Delve into the enigmatic realm of Donnie Darko with the Chocolaticas® Fallen Angels 2 Women's Mary Jane Flat. These mysterious shoes embody the symbolism of dark angels, picturing those who escape death by a mere twist of fate.


Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Get ready for a thrilling performance with the Chocolaticas® Spooky Toys Women's Mary Jane Flat, inspired by the captivating world of Rocky Horror Picture Show. These flats embody the spirit of the show and are a must-have accessory for your cinematic adventures.


As the curtains draw to a close, we hope you've enjoyed our mesmerizing journey of matching movies with our unique Chocolaticas®. In Hot Chocolate Design, we love blending imagination, creativity, and comfort to create shoes designs that resonate with your style and personality. Visit our website now and let the magic of our Chocolaticas® be part of your life!

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