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Dark summer style - Rebellion against Color

We are about to open the doors of dark sophistication in the heat of the summer. This is the rebellion of style with Hot Chocolate design's exquisite collection of Chocolaticas® shoes, where elegance meets audacity in the most captivating way. We invite you to defy the norms and dive into the allure of black, gray, and white ensembles, all the while adding a vibrant twist with our colorful Chocolaticas®.

Because we are rebels all the way! It’s time to create striking looks that mesmerize and leave an indelible impression. Are you ready for our dark summer style?


A powerful -yet chic- look:

Starring our Chocolaticas® Mid Heels Call Me In Black Women's Mary Jane Pump. Pair these sleek black pumps with a tailored white pantsuit. The boldness of the black pumps adds a touch of authority, while the Chocolaticas® accentuates your individuality and gives a flirty touch, creating a striking balance that exudes confidence and playful vibes.


Kiss from a rose:

Let the flowers be the color on your outfit and wear them in every step with our Chocolaticas® Dhalia Women's Mary Jane Platform. Be ready to get the spotlight with confidence and flair by pairing these stylish gray platforms with a black midi dress. With this match, you’ll stand out in any crowd, proving that elegance and rebellion can indeed coexist.

Chocolaticas® Dhalia Women's Mary Jane Platform 

The classic charm:

This flat pair of Chocolaticas® Blue Tartan Women's Mary Jane Flat, can be worn with a black A-line skirt with a smooth white blouse. Let this classic Chocolaticas® add a pop of color to your sophisticated ensemble. This look is perfect for both formal occasions and casual evenings.

Chocolaticas® Blue Tartan Women's Mary Jane Flat


Nature is a rebel too:

Our Chocolaticas® Black Moosh Women's Mary Jane Flat, were made to elevate your street style. Pair them with distressed gray denim and a stylish white graphic tee. The fusion of dark shades with these fantastic Chocolaticas® creates an eye-catching look that reflects your fearless spirit.

Chocolaticas® Black Moosh Women's Mary Jane Flat


Pink is punk:

Feel the essence of romance and rebellion with these rosy pink flats. Meet our Chocolaticas® Rosé Women's Mary Jane Flat, and get a touch of elegance that matches almost every look. Pair them with black culottes and a flowy white blouse for a chic and feminine ensemble. The contrast of the soft, colorful Chocolaticas® with the dark attire will make you the center of attention wherever you go.

Chocolaticas® Rosé Women's Mary Jane Flat


As the summer sun sets on traditional color matching outfits, let your rebellious spirit take center stage with Hot Chocolate Design.

Be part of the dark elegance and vibrant individuality as you create stunning looks that redefine summer fashion.

Unlock the world of fashion rebellion and discover the perfect Chocolaticas® to elevate your dark summer looks!

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