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About Hot Chocolate Design

A tapestry of creativity and self-expression, Hot Chocolate Design was founded by Carolina Aguerrevere and Pablo Martínez in 2004.

We're on a mission to help you stand out, so you can be truly, unapologetically you.

Our passions and experiences have transformed into Hot Chocolate Design’s® unique product line. We believe that footwear is an extension of your personality. Every pair at Hot Chocolate Design is an art concept, carefully blending creativity, comfort, and style to create vegan footwear that celebrates your individuality. Our collections are limited and our discontinued lines have become collectibles for those who love our unique and timeless pieces.


Our designs and inspiration flow from our passion for collecting vintage gems and a heartfelt nostalgia for all of the things that made us feel happy and comfortable when we were young. In our design brainstorms, we draw inspiration from items, colors, textures, and patterns that we treasured in our childhood and our yearning to come across them again in our adult lives.