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A pair of unmatching shoes

Every time you take a step, you can feel the independence of your feet. You can see them working together in tandem but still maintaining their individual identity. It's like having two twins playing on the playground - they are friends, but still do their own thing. This is what inspired us when we designed our first pair of shoes - to create unmatching shoes that embody the independence of each foot. We wanted to give each foot its own unique style and personality while allowing them to work together seamlessly.

Our shoes capture the essence of this idea with an unmatched pair that have their own individual flair yet remain connected as one.

So whenever you’re walking, remember the independence of your feet, and the spirit of our shoes that captures its beauty!

 It all started when we made the first pair of Chocolaticas exclusively for Carolina—the Cherry flats. We were tired of seeing everyone dressing the same and wanted to offer something different: a way to add a bit of personality to everyday outfits. It was no easy feat back then, with only three brands selling everywhere and all looking very similar, but we decided to break away from the flock and create a pair of shoes that didn’t match anything else people were wearing.


A pair of unmatching shoes - Hot Chocolate Design


That was in 2004, and it all began with our beloved Cherry flats. It took a lot of courage and creativity to design such an audacious shoe, one that nobody would expect. It was risky, but we knew it was worth it, and it paid off in the end as we quickly became known for creating unique styles that set us apart from the rest.

We were stopped on the street —a lot— to know where we had gotten the shoes. We were surprised to know that people liked them and that’s how we started a brand.

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