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Discover Your Flavor-Inspired Chocolaticas Shoe: Take this Personality Test!

Posted on September 21 2023


Are you ready to find out which delicious flavor from the Chocolaticas shoe collection matches your unique personality? Answer the following questions and select the option that resonates with you the most. Let's dive in and uncover your perfect flavor-inspired shoe!


When it comes to fashion, what's your go-to style?

  1. a) Chic and sophisticated - I love classic and timeless pieces.
  2. b) Casual and laid-back - Comfort is key, but I still like to look stylish.
  3. c) Retro and vintage - I enjoy channeling the fashion of the past.
  4. d) Bold and vibrant - I love experimenting with colors and unique patterns.


How would you describe your ideal weekend activity?

  1. a) Fine dining at a fancy restaurant - I appreciate exquisite flavors and elegant surroundings.
  2. b) Picnic in the park - I enjoy relaxing outdoors and savoring simple pleasures.
  3. c) Exploring vintage stores and flea markets - Uncovering hidden gems brings me joy.
  4. d) Attending a vibrant summer festival - I love immersing myself in a lively atmosphere.


Which of the following hobbies resonates with you the most?

  1. a) Cooking and trying new recipes - I love experimenting in the kitchen.
  2. b) Lounging at home and watching movies - It's my favorite way to unwind.
  3. c) Collecting vinyl records and antique items - Nostalgia is my cup of tea.
  4. d) Dancing and attending music concerts - I thrive in energetic and lively environments.


What colors do you find most appealing?

  1. a) Neutral tones like black, white, and gray - I appreciate a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. b) Earthy tones like brown, beige, and olive - I prefer a natural and relaxed vibe.
  2. c) Retro pastels like mint green, baby pink, and soft yellow - I adore a nostalgic color palette.
  3. d) Vibrant colors like red, orange, and electric blue - I love making a bold statement.


How do you express your individuality through fashion?

  1. a) By accessorizing with statement pieces like designer handbags or elegant jewelry.
  2. b) By incorporating comfortable and effortless elements like sneakers or oversized sweaters.
  3. c) By embracing vintage fashion items and mixing them with modern pieces.
  4. d) By wearing eye-catching prints and vibrant colors that showcase my confident personality.


If you mostly answered:

  1. a) Chic and sophisticated style, appreciate fine dining, and prefer neutral tones: You are the flavor of Chocolaticas Sushi Women's Mary Jane Platform. Embrace elegance and make a fashion statement with vibrant colors inspired by the art of sushi.


Chocolaticas Sushi Women's Mary Jane Platform.
  1. b) Casual and laid-back style, enjoy picnics, and prefer earthy tones: You are the flavor of Chocolaticas Hot Dog Women's Mary Jane Flat. Indulge in comfort and showcase your playful side with details reminiscent of a classic hot dog.


Chocolaticas Hot Dog Women's Mary Jane Flat
  1. c) Retro and vintage style, love exploring vintage stores, and adore retro pastels: You are the flavor of Chocolaticas Diner 2 Women's Mary Jane Flat. Step back in time and into the vibrant world of retro diners with these delightful shoes.


Chocolaticas Diner 2 Women's Mary Jane Flat.
  1. d) Bold and vibrant style, love dancing and attending music concerts, and gravitate towards vibrant colors: You are the flavor of Chocolaticas® Cherry Women's Mary Jane Flat. Show your distinctive sense of style and stand out with a seductive and irresistible sweetness.


Chocolaticas® Cherry Women's Mary Jane Flat

Now that you've discovered your flavor-inspired Chocolaticas shoe, it's time to enjoy a world of fashion and playfulness. Express your unique style and let your personality shine with every step you take, click here and discover our fashion flavors now.


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